About Us

Welcome to WRND where cost-effective energy solutions are realized through creative and clever engineering work.

With a long standing track record in electronic and mechanical engineering as part of our foundation WRND strives to help solve the challenges of our time. We have notices the approaching energy crisis. More specifically the situation of electricity supply in South Africa. To address this problem in the short and medium term we aim to supply the very best in solar panel, wind turbine and other energy harnessing technologies. Along side this we offer a full range of supporting products like pure sine wave inverters, standard and MPPT type solar regulators and charge controllers, dump load regulators, deep cycle and high cycle batteries, wiring solutions and support structures.

Solar panels are an ideal option in most parts of South Africa. We are blessed with an abundance of sunshine of high intensity. Solar panels also offer the advantage of being solid state and once installed needs no further attention. They offer years of reliable service and usually come with a output warranty to boot.

Wind turbines are essentially a very effective means of converting the energy of moving air to usable electric energy. South Africa has one of the longest cost lines compared to landmass in the world. Where land meet ocean the difference in water and land temperature provide sustainable and relatively consistent wind producing air pressure systems. Wind turbines are also used inland to harness wind caused by localized air pressure systems or recurring frontal systems.

Solar panels, wind turbines and the like are effective in converting energy from another form to electricity. But due to the fluctuations on the input side of these devices the energy on the output side are not consistent. For this reason batteries are used to 'buffer' and store the energy and then it is converted back to usable mains electricity by means of an inverter. The type and quality of the inverter you choose will influence the size of your system and could degrade or even damage equipment connected to it if not correct. Be sure to make an informed decision.

Now that you have found us feel free to make contact and lets have a conversation. Maybe you just want to find out more about what size of solar panel will work for you or it could be that you have noticed all the 'money' blowing past in the wind and need a wind turbine. Maybe you need clarification about the difference between a modified sine wave inverter and a pure sine wave inverter. No question is to irrelevant and we are glad to share our years of experience in this field